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Photon Facial now available!! 

New to the Excellent Esthetics Spa lineup of Facials is the LED Phototherapy Facial. This exciting new treatment shows great promise and is definitely leading edge in skin care and anti-aging treatments. We can say this, even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is continuing to study the benefits of LED light therapy. You can read more about it here in our recent blog post.

The facial includes

  • assessment of your skin’s general health and appearance
  • a deep thorough cleaning
  • a gentle but thorough ex-foliation of the face and neck
  • extractions as required
  • LED Facial mask and neck mask for 20-30 minutes (depending on needs)
  • application of moisturizer and toner.
  • finally a gentle relaxing facial massage

All in all, this takes about 60-75 mins. Introductory price $140.

Stress Relief and all Natural Skin Care

Stress relief treatments tailored to relieve stress from living our technology jammed embraced lives.
Smart phones, tablets, computers and games all have contributed to our every day stress.
Carpel tunnel, stiff sore hands and necks, fine lines and wrinkles in our smiles and facial expressions.
In so many ways our techno life style affects not only our muscles and  joints but also our skin.

We will customize an all natural treatment to fit your specific needs, here you can find our most popular treatments for the “connected concerned how I look person”

Cell phone Detoxifi­cation Photon Facial $150

Introductory offer save $40 limited time $110

Employing the LED photon treatment best suited for your skin type and condition. Couple the real benefits of LED photon treatments with our all Natural serums and creams for long lasting results that will have you beaming in no time.

Pollution Wise Facial $95

A very Serious Facial designed to cleanse and promote repair of the damage to your skin because of living in a polluted world.
This facial may or may not employ the use of a  micro dermabrasion wand.

The Ultimate relaxer: $160

Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Dead Sea Mud Wrap & 15 min relaxing massage.

Starting with an ex-foliation of your whole body with an exclusive custom mixture of Himalayan Salt and epson salts with essential oils, followed by a real dead sea mud body wrap then finishing with short but effective relaxing massage. Simple yet highly effective detoxification of your body. This treatment is truly an energizing, relaxing experience.

Himalayan Salt Hand Scrub & Massage $25 with manicure & color $45

Fast effective and feels like a pampering.

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