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Lips, make them full & inviting.

If the eyes are our window to the world then surely the lips are how we access it and how it accesses us. We talk, embrace and express ourselves with our mouths; they are front and centre. We all react to each other and respond to those we look at. Our lips are at the forefront of this visual connection. When we speak and embrace, we automatically look at the mouth of those we talk to. We can’t help but notice the lips by virtue of their shape and texture.  They have a unique ability to reveal one’s maturity or youthfulness.


Our Nurse Injector Specialist, Cheryl, has worked with some of the most experienced injectors in the industry to learn advanced lip techniques.  She will confidently perfect your lips regardless if your preference is a more-subtle classic volume or voluminous & noticeable lips.

At Excellent Esthetics, we are proud to offer you Emervel brand as a custom-tailored filler treatment to bring out the best of your beautiful lips.  With Emervel most clients experience less swelling and a smoother & more natural appearance compared to similar products.  Emervel fillers tend to integrate extremely well into the natural tissues, resulting in lips that do not feel lumpy.  Emervel is premium filler that contains a numbing ingredient to ensure a greater comfort during injections.  In addition, all clients are offered a topical numbing cream for additional pain management.

Wrinkled lips thin upper lipVoluptuous inviting lips

Call today to experience perfect lips so you are ready and confident for that intimate conversation or connection, this is right place. At Excellent Esthetics we will help you convey beauty, warmth and receptivity. In doing so we will use the best quality product to enhance and create your desired look.


Call to set up an appointment with Cheryl at 905-218-6677

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