Manscaping – Men’s Waxing

Men’s Waxing

In manscaping (men’s waxing), as in real estate, it’s location, location, location. From the neck right down to the nether region and beyond, it’s all about managing the forest. From strategic removal of unwanted hair to expert trimming and grooming for that optimum look and effect, Excellent Esthetics is the place to go.

In this day and age, an overabundance of hair is not always desirable. On the flip side, it’s not necessary to completely deforest the landscape unless that is the look you’re going for. If it is, that’s fine too. You may want to also have a look at our Women & Men’s Waxing  and Brazilian Wax (often called a manzilian) general sections. Proper manscaping comes down to a balance that looks and feels great.

Call it manscaping, body grooming,men’s waxing. The result is a refined look that is appealing to you and those who are important to you.

Proper manscaping,

The strategic removal of unsightly hair. The rest is trimmed to an optimum length based on location. The trick is to make it all look natural and not contrived or artificial. This is what we do at Excellent Esthetics a Spa for men and women in Hamilton Ontario.

Don’t do it yourself any number of things can go wrong or be done badly. From bad aim, unfortunate slip ups to just plain not knowing what you are doing, the potential for a bad result is there. Defined lines like those found on a detailed road map is also not the look you’re after. Why not leave it to the professionals?

Talk to Kimmie about a strategy tailored to you. She will take into consideration the ultimate look for your chest, arms, back, pubic region and legs. The results will amaze, inspire and impress.

Don’t stop at men’s waxing, your face is important too.  We offer men’s facials including everything from a basic facial to an oxygen facial to microdermabrasion. You’ve come to the right place. How about a lunchtime microcurrent face lift or microcurrent face sculpting? We do that too. Are you a teen with special facial needs? Our teen facial is just for you. We can even incorporate Korean or Dead Sea mud masks and full body mud treatments. Spoil yourself with our signature oxy-micro facial. At Excellent Esthetics, you will look and feel your best

.Popular areas for men's waxing
Before and after waxing care.

Manscaping Prices

Eyebrow Wax13.27 + HST (Total $15)Underarms19.03 + HST (Total $21)
Cheeks15.05 + HST (Total $17)Full Arms42.48 + HST (Total $48)
Ears15.05 + HST (Total $17)Half Arms30.09 + HST (Total $34)
Nostrils15.05 + HST (Total $17)Hands & Fingers13.27 + HST (Total $15)
Brow Tint15.05 + HST (Total $17)Full Brazilian (includes crack)75.22 + HST (Total $85)
Lash Tint20.36 + HST (Total $23)French Brazilian (no crack)60.18 + HST (Total $68)
Tints & Wax25.66 + HST (Total $29)Bikini Line Wax35.40 + HST (Total $40)
Full Front46.90 + HST (Total $53)Upper Leg + Bikini 70.80 + HST (Total $80)
Shoulders15.05 + HST (Total $17)Full Leg + Bikini 97.35 + HST (Total $110)
Chest25.66 + HST (Total $29)Buttocks & Crack30.09 + HST (Total $34)
Nipples15.05 + HST (Total $17)Full Legs65.49 + HST (Total $74)
Full Stomach23.89 + HST (Total $27)Upper Leg35.40 + HST (Total $40)
Stomach Strip8.85 + HST (Total $10)Lower Leg35.40 + HST (Total $40)
Full Back, Shoulders & Neck56.64 + HST (Total $64)Feet & Toes8.85 + HST (Total $10)
Full Back (from neck to waist line)46.90 + HST (Total $53)Full Body252.21 + HST (Total $285)
Upper Back (from neck to mid-back)25.66 + HST (Total $29)
Lower Back (from mid-back to waist line)25.66 + HST (Total $29)

* All prices in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change

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