Anti Aging Skin Care


Aging, and doing it well:

Have you ever wondered what you would look like in 20 or even 40 years?

We all get older with the passage of time. With age comes many changes in all aspects of our appearance. Muscles lose tone and skin loses its elastic properties. Pollution and even our diets affect how we look as we age.


[With advances in computer technology we can find ways on the web to take a picture of ourselves and age that picture with the magic of applied science. To the left is an example of what one young lady could look like in 40 plus years. Needless to say she was shocked.

Vagheggi Phytocosmetici with its fine skin care products can, at the very least, lessen the ravages of time. The all natural, nickel-tested anti-aging products Vagheggi have made available through many years of research and testing offer us a fighting chance to look and feel as good and as young as we can.

Call or come by the spa for a free analysis of your skin and let us show you how to keep the look or improve the visible age of your skin.

Our Anti-aging treatments

  • 75-15 (top of the line)

    -in 1997, Scientists discovered a “youth” protein, and named it after the Greek Goddess of Fate, Klotho. Then, in 2005 experts successfully confirmed the actions of this “youth” protein.Vagheggi in 2015 found the perfect ingredients to pair with this protein, adding to its usefulness in the skin. This all natural ingredient, is a resin found in an evergreen shrub (Pistacia lentiscus) that grows mainly on the Greek island of  Chios.

    As a result of this discovery, Vagheggi developed a new and amazing skin care line for mature skin now named “75.15” commemorating the 40+ years of research applied to the creation of this exceptional skin care product. This line helps restore a young look and energy to the skin.

  • Facefence

    with age the growth of skin cells decreases. The energy supply to cells lessens and there is a slowing down of immune defenses. The replacement of cells slows and there is a volume loss of the cheekbones. The oval shape of the face diminishes. The skin stops breathing and the wrinkles start to show. The skin becomes dry.FACEFENCE stimulates a cell’s oxygen level and provides a team action of the active ingredients to shake up the tissues and slow down the aging process. The products in this line improve and tighten the skin for a lifting effect. They also have an anti-wrinkle effect as well as a fresh energizing action on the skin. This is accomplished by opening up the skin pores to allow the skin to breathe and oxygenate themselves.

  • Delay Infinity

    -the passing of time waits for no one. Starting around age 30, our bodies and particularly our skin becomes one of the first indicators that we are indeed aging. Our cellular metabolism starts to slow down. Skin loses its hydration much faster and important skin molecules like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid start to deteriorate. On top of it all the micro-muscles of the skin responsible for facial expressions begin to weaken. This may be good for a poker game but not for maintaining your youthful appearance.Advanced research has recently highlighted that the cells of the skin actually talk with each other through “messenger molecules”. The “keratinocytes” of the epidermis, or outer layer of the skin, use these molecules to talk with the ”fibroblasts” of the dermis, the thicker inner layer of the skin between the epidermis and the underlying connective tissues. The skin in turn is stimulated to make or synthesize more elastin and collagen. This helps to delay the appearance of the early signs of aging.

  • Lime Vitamin C

    –when the ravages of life leave your skin looking dull and prematurely aged. We’re talking pollution, free radicals, UV rays and general exposure to the elements. All of them can conspire to harm your skin and your complexion leaving you looking less than your best. Kimmie and the staff will expertly apply Lime Vitamin C with its unique blend of vitamin C, lime essential oil and butter, juice from Calabria oranges and orange blossom flower distillate to reverse the damage, nourish and protect the skin.

  • Prima (natural skin peel)

    –for the need to renew skin that has enjoyed the passage of time. When time passes and the production of new skin cells starts to decrease, Vagheggi Phytocosmetici and Excellent Esthetics offers the Prima facial to moisturize, renew and protect the skin you already have from free radicals. Gentle exfoliation and hydration through the use of a special synergy of acid molecules helps to enhance the skin and maintain it in perfect condition for extended life.

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