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Well, ladies and gentlemen the time has come to put away the ghouls and the goblins. Halloween has come and gone and the costumes and decorations are banned to the closet, garage or attic to patiently await yet another year until we once again pull out the festive décor in…

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Posted on Saturday, December 17 2016, under Promotions

Students get a real break

Welcome New Students of 2016-2017 To Excellent Esthetics Student Discounts Promotion for McMaster University & Mohawk Students: Attention Mac & Mohawk Students! Excellent Esthetics is pleased to offer McMaster University and Mohawk College students a 6 MONTH UNLIMITED WAXING CARD with an AWAY BREAK for students that live out of town…

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Posted on Tuesday, September 13 2016, under Promotions

Emervel Lip Enhancement

Great Lips after Evervel lip filler

Introducing Emervel Lip Enhancement The sun is about to set on another year. Are your lips ready? They can be, call and book today. If the eyes are our window to the world then surely the lips are how we access it and how it accesses us. We communicate, embrace…

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Posted on Thursday, December 10 2015, under Promotions

Botox & Younger People

younger people & botox treatments

Botox Treatments; Why are young people getting them? Botox is not just for the over forty crowd as it is one of the best ways to prevent permanent wrinkles! “Dynamic” wrinkles are caused when you make facial expressions such as from smiling, squinting or focusing on something. These dynamic wrinkles…

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Posted on Thursday, November 26 2015, under Promotions

Dry Skin as a Canadian

Rehydra repair dry skin

It’s a sad day when you come to the realization that summer has come and gone. Deep breathes. Nothing to fear….except the cold, bitter Ice Queen that we thought we’ve escaped from many months ago! Unfortunately, there is no way around it; no more long weekends at the cottage, day…

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Posted on Tuesday, September 15 2015, under News and ViewsPromotions

Womens Brazilian Waxing

Full body waxing,From head to toe waxing services

This is a full Brazilian waxing.  If it takes longer than 15 minutes your waxing will be free! This past week I had 3 girls attending classes at McMaster University come in for a Brazilian waxing session. They could not believe their waxing was done in under 10 minutes.  In…

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Posted on Monday, February 16 2015, under Promotions

Oxygen Facials

Wrinkles go away with botox

Oxygen Facial : $85 OxyMicro Facial : $110 An Oxygen Facial is a simple procedure that drastically improves the appearance of your skin! How does it work?

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Posted on Tuesday, November 25 2014, under Promotions

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

The Dead Sea

Remember your mom saying you should not play in the mud? She had a point to make but it had more to do with her laundry challenges than your health. Picture instead an exotic land nestled on the shores of the Dead Sea. Since time immemorial, people have been journeying…

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Posted on Monday, November 10 2014, under Coming SoonPromotions

Unlimited Waxing!

Full body waxing services

6 Month Unlimited Wax cards will no longer be available after July 30, 2015 * All prices in Canadian Dollars

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Posted on Monday, September 01 2014, under Promotions

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