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Planning your cosmetic skin care


So you want it all! Fuller lips, perky cheeks, less wrinkles and….. What is your cosmetic skin care priority going to be? This is a common question for Cher’s clients at Excellent Esthetics. When Cher has a consultation with a client to discuss their concerns and talk about their Cosmetic […]

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Posted on Tuesday, August 15 2017, under News and Views

Hyaluronic acid & Skin Care

(HA) Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic acid & skin care benefits. The latest news in the skin care industry indicates that there will be a huge number of new products on the shelves this year that contain HYALURONIC ACID (HA). HA for skin care has been the buzz word for the last few years and the […]

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Posted on Wednesday, February 15 2017, under News and Views

Minimize Bruising

Botox injection

Bruising, Botox & Fillers; How to: Minimize the Bruising! Your botox or filler appointment is next week and you want a smooth recovery and to minimize bruising! Let’s discuss bruises & inflammation because there are things YOU can do! Anyone that has had any of these treatments knows that bruising […]

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Posted on Wednesday, January 11 2017, under News and Views

Benefits of the Photon Facial

New treatments using LED light therapy mask

Photon Therapy / Photon Facials; Seems like a sci-fi cliché.  “Photon Therapy Facial” or colour light therapy offers immediate results with zero side effects. It isn’t magic. Photons are tiny particles of light, because they are too small to see by the human eye we ignore them. Together they are […]

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Posted on Wednesday, January 04 2017, under Coming SoonNews and Views

Cold Weather Skin Care

Treating acne (pimples)

Cold weather surprises & Skin Care Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror and are horrified by what you see? Do you see those big, bulging, red spots or dry patches on your face? That definitely was not there the night before! The funny thing is, your face […]

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Posted on Sunday, November 27 2016, under News and Views

Treating Ingrown Hairs

ingrown hairs and how to treat

Ingrown Hairs: Are you prone to ingrown hairs? It doesn’t matter whether you shave or wax, some people are just unlucky enough. Ingrown hair is basically a body hair that begins to curl under the skin and eventually grows back into the skin pushing it’s way through the skin and […]

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Posted on Wednesday, October 05 2016, under News and Views

Exfoliation and Skin Care

Exfoliation for the LED Photon Facial

Exfoliation and the Facial Let’s look at the whole issue of exfoliation. It happens to all of us from the moment we are born until we draw our last breath in this life. Exfoliation is the sloughing off of dead skin cells by our bodies. In the normal course of life, […]

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Posted on Wednesday, September 28 2016, under News and Views

Sun Screen & Skin Care

Sun Screen Skin Care

Importance of Sun Screen The sun is finally shining, and you’ve probably switched over your closet from winter coats and sweaters to shorts and tank tops by now. Woo hoo! I think it is safe to say that we as Canadians are able to appreciate the change in seasons just […]

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Posted on Wednesday, June 15 2016, under News and Views

Aging gracefully.

perfect skin ageing gracefully

Aging gracefully takes some effort. We’ve all seen that commercial; the one that states “Fact 97% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every single day.” That is an utterly upsetting statistic. How do women (mothers, sisters, friends, spouses, girlfriends) not see what their loved ones see, that […]

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Posted on Wednesday, February 03 2016, under News and Views

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

After a long days work, where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, you need to treat yourself to something that is strictly for you. Don’t worry about the spouse, the kids, who will be cooking dinner; you need to maintain your sanity! Everyone is worried about other people’s […]

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Posted on Friday, October 02 2015, under News and Views

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