Waist & Below

“Waist” not – want not, at least when it comes to hair. Let’s look at the waist and the area below including the buttocks. If this part of your anatomy needs waxing, we can do that. No matter if it is a Bikini Waxing, or a Full Brazilian services will be fast and as pain free as possible.

Waist & Below Waxing Services

Full Brazilian4575
European Brazilian Includes design4575
French Bikini 3560
Bikini Line Wax2530
1/2 Leg 3035
Full Leg5565
Buttocks & Crack2530
NEW!!! Waxing Deals
Full Brazilian, Full Leg, Under Arm Combo100
Bikini Line & Butt Crack3560
Full Brazilian & Butt, including Crack100
Full Legs & Bikini105

* All prices in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change

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