Is the hair on your back in need of removal? We can do that. Whether done as a standalone procedure or as part of a package, this part of your appearance should not be overlooked.

Before and after waxing care.

Back Waxing Prices

Full Back, Shoulders & Neck56.64 + HST (Total $64)
Full Back (from neck to waist line)30.09 + HST (Total $34)46.90 + HST (Total $53)
Upper Back (from neck to mid-back)20.36 + HST (Total $23)25.66 + HST (Total $29)
Lower Back (from mid-back to waist line)20.36 + HST (Total $29)25.66 +HST (Total $29)
Shoulders10.62 + HST (Total $12)15.05 + HST (Total $17)
Neck13.27 + HST (Total $15)15.93 + HST (Total $18)

* All prices in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change

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