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Benefits of the Photon Facial


Photon Therapy / Photon Facials; Seems like a sci-fi cliché.  “Photon Therapy Facial” or colour light therapy offers immediate results with zero side effects. It isn’t magic. Photons are tiny particles of light, because they are too small to see by the human eye we ignore them. Together they are…

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Posted on Wednesday, January 04 2017, under Coming SoonNews and Views

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

The Dead Sea

Remember your mom saying you should not play in the mud? She had a point to make but it had more to do with her laundry challenges than your health. Picture instead an exotic land nestled on the shores of the Dead Sea. Since time immemorial, people have been journeying…

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Posted on Monday, November 10 2014, under Coming SoonPromotions

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