Planning your cosmetic skin care


So you want it all! Fuller lips, perky cheeks, less wrinkles and…..

What is your cosmetic skin care priority going to be?

This is a common question for Cher’s clients at Excellent Esthetics. When Cher has a consultation with a client to discuss their concerns and talk about their Cosmetic Skin care Wish List, clients often have many wants. And for a LOT of clients, the budget can stand in the way!

So how do we prioritize the plan? Often, when someone wants to indulge in a it ALL, but can only afford a little. We have to think about what is the BEST way to spend our hard-earned money.

The first thing;

We discuss is “What bothers you the most?” or “What is your greatest desire to improve your looks?”

Realistically, we should be striving to achieve to become a “better version of ourselves” with cosmetic injections.

Often Cher will tell her clients on a budget that if you can only afford one thing, botox may be your best friend. You can invest in the most expensive skin care line available and it will not achieve the results of botox! If a person starts botox when their lines are still considered fine lines, they can prevent these lines from becoming deep, static wrinkles. Skipping the botox & allowing this lines to get stronger, eventually will result in a scare-like formations called static wrinkles. This means when we are not making facial expressions, we still show the lines that we created by a lifetime of smiling, squinting and frowning.

If you would like to set up a free consultation with Cher, give us a call at Excellent Esthetics, located in Hamilton, ON.

Cheryl has many years of experience and continues to work with cosmetic trainers from all over the world. She loves to take the time to educate her clients so they make informed decisions about all the options available. To help them become “a better vision of themselves”.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 15 2017, under News and Views

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