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Cold weather surprises & Skin Care

Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror and are horrified by what you see? Do you see those big, bulging, red spots or dry patches on your face? That definitely was not there the night before! The funny thing is, your face always tends to break out when there is an important event, whether it is for an important meeting at work, a wedding, or a big holiday celebration. Regardless of the event, your face is the tell-tale signs of the stress your feeling, the food you’re eating and the lack of sleep you’re receiving.

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What to do in the cold weather

Weather especially cold weather can play a big part in acne growth as well. Being a Canadian, we must be aware that seasonal acne is very common. It seems as though people are more prone to breakouts more so during the winter months than any other season. Thus, people must educate themselves on their skin type and what skin care routines they require throughout the year.
As the nights become longer and the temperature begins to drop, it is vital that you protect your skin for the cold, harsh climate. This includes wearing the essential gloves, scarves, and hats. These accessories help shield your body, thus helping to minimize the skin from being parched and dehydrated (also known as dry skin).
Another fail safe solution to protecting your beautiful, moisturized skin you ask? Consider reducing the heat on the showers and baths. Hot showers and baths are a stress reliever; however, it is not doing any favours for your skin. Taking long hot showers and baths dry out the natural oils our body produces in our skin.
Furthermore, maybe one of the most important things to remember during the cold winter months is to moisturize.

Posted on Sunday, November 27 2016, under News and Views

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