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Exfoliation and the Facial

Let’s look at the whole issue of exfoliation. It happens to all of us from the moment we are born until we draw our last breath in this life. Exfoliation is the sloughing off of dead skin cells by our bodies. In the normal course of life, our skin is constantly rejuvenating itself. Old skin cells die and are expelled and new ones take their place. Have you ever accidentally marked yourself with a supposedly permanent marker? “Oh my, I have been scarred for life!” Yet, in no time at all, the mark disappears until it is nothing more than a memory. This is the result of exfoliation. The old skin cells at the surface are cast off taking the marker ink with them.

Exfoliation is the way in which the skin rejuvenates itself and how we keep our youthful appearance. When we are young, this process is extremely efficient. As we age – not so much. It is one of the reasons older people look their age. Not necessarily the desired result but, as they say, that’s life. Regardless, you don’t have to take it lying down. There are things you can do. Optimizing the exfoliation process as we age is what it is all about.

Exfoliation at Excellent Esthetics Spa

Here at Excellent Esthetics we have taken exfoliation and made it an art and a science. We are of course talking about the facial and the different forms of treatment that can help. Let’s face it (pun intended) your face is how you greet the world and how it interacts with you. When people meet up with you and talk to you they are hopefully dealing with you face-to-face (again – pun intended). It’s your call as to how youthful you want your appearance to be. We can help you optimize that.

Check us out for the different facial treatments that we have to offer. It starts with the basic facial that includes deep cleansing and moisturizing and goes on to oxygen facials, microdermabrasion, mud masks and combinations that include our signature Oxy-Micro. When determining the best treatment for you, we take your skin type and condition into consideration. We will discuss a course of action and come up with a game plan that meets your needs and desires – and your budget. We can also recommend and supply products that you can take with you for maintenance and self care. This includes our world class line of Vagheggi Phytocosmetici products.

Kimmie and her staff are ready to provide all of your facial and spa needs. Call us today and let’s work together to put your best face forward.

Posted on Wednesday, September 28 2016, under News and Views

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