Aging gracefully.


Aging gracefully takes some effort.

We’ve all seen that commercial; the one that states “Fact 97% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every single day.” That is an utterly upsetting statistic. How do women (mothers, sisters, friends, spouses, girlfriends) not see what their loved ones see, that they are beautiful in their own way? Women have the tendency to look pessimistically on themselves and swoon over celebrities and people who they maintain are ‘perfect’. We as a society should not be comparing our image to other individuals, but should be focusing on ourselves. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and if you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin, that is all that matters.

Yes, there are things that everybody hates about themselves and it may affect their self-esteem. However, instead of sitting around and moping about it, there are many things you as an individual can do. For instance, eating healthily, working out, having a skin care regimen, some minor procedures are some of the few ways an individual uses in order to boost their self-esteem.

Botox and Skin Care Regimen

Minor procedures some of you may be asking yourself…how on earth would you support having a minor procedure done? Having minor procedures done, such as Botox or Fillers is definitely not for everyone. If it helps build your self-esteem and confidence, than go for it! These minor procedures do not alter one’s appearance drastically; it reduces the flaws and aging that an individual is insecure about. Nobody needs Botox. Yet, it is a procedure that people as young as being in their mid-twenties are turning to. Having the Botox treatment at a young age is not to diminish or reduce the lines of evident wrinkles; it is more of a preventative measure. For example, people who scrunch up the forehead often will more than likely develop a noticeable frown line the older they get. With Botox, the serum is medically injected into the affected area and temporarily paralyzes the muscles in the surrounding vicinity. This procedure can again be known as a preventative measure. If you don’t have a noticeable frown line yet, but continue to scrunch up your forehead, getting Botox will aid in breaking the habit, as the area is frozen making it virtually impossible to do. Botox is safe, and eventually wears off, so if individuals determine that it is not for them, the affects aren’t permanent.

Take care of yourself.

Moreover, having minor procedures done should not be an individual’s first answer to their problems. Try eating healthily, try working out, and more importantly try a skin care regimen. Here at Excellent Esthetics, our clientèle and team are over-the-moon about Vagheggi Phytocosmetici skin care and facials. Vagheggi is the real deal folks! It will not be found in any large department chains. It will not include difficult to pronounce chemicals that leave people guessing. It is in our opinion, one of the, if not the best skin care line out there today. Vagheggi is made up of 100% natural, botanical, active ingredients comprised of and includes specific lines that target specific skin types. Each line includes, but is not limited to, a cleanser, toner, and face cream. With a daily routine, your skin will be well moisturized and left glowing. Furthermore, having a deep cleaning facial done every so often on top of your daily routine will be sure to give your skin the revitalizing shock it needs to keep looking refreshed!

Take a look at super model and actress Christie Brinkley for example! There’s no way by looking at her anyone would think she is 62 years old! 62 YEARS OLD! That’s probably due to her healthy eating, working out, and skin care regimen people! Find a skin care line that suits you and stick with it. It’s all about preventative measure! Come in and test out the Vagheggi line, I swear you won’t be disappointed!

Posted on Wednesday, February 03 2016, under News and Views

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