Botox & Younger People


Botox Treatments; Why are young people getting them?

Botox is not just for the over forty crowd as it is one of the best ways to prevent permanent wrinkles! “Dynamic” wrinkles are caused when you make facial expressions such as from smiling, squinting or focusing on something. These dynamic wrinkles are not seen when your face relaxes.

After many years of repeated facial expressions, combined with collagen loss, we are eventually victims of permanent wrinkles. These permanent wrinkles are also called static wrinkles.

When I receive a not-quite-so-young client who requests a wrinkle-smoothing botox treatment, I perform a manual “stretch test” so the client has a realistic idea of exactly what botox can do for them. As I gently part the skin in this type of client, we can see if using botox treatments will actually eliminate the wrinkle line. This client will know before they are even injected, the results that can be achieved. In the very least, they will surely have a rested appearance.

Many of my youngest clients who are in their thirties may not have static wrinkles yet, but they are still having botox injections a few times a year. Why is this a good thing? Prevention of wrinkles! These clients know that if you aren’t contracting your facial muscles, you aren’t creating permanent wrinkles that exist while your face is at rest.

Above is an example of one of my clients who has agreed to allow me to use this photo of her face. She is 65 years old with no prior injections. I have injected her frown lines many times because she has a very strong muscle. We are not able to completely eliminate these lines but we are able to achieve a fantastic rested appearance around her eyes. Now if this client began treating this area years earlier, her results would be even more amazing. She would not only have a rested appearance but she would also not have any permanent wrinkles, which would take years off!


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Posted on Thursday, November 26 2015, under Promotions

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