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We received this letter Sept. 4, 2015 via email:

“Within the past two months I have started using your products and would like to share with you the success I have had:

Over the past few years I have struggled greatly with cystic acne. This has meant regularly dealing with large, painful cysts deep under my skin that would last for weeks at a time, and most often leave behind unsightly scaring. In addition to being extremely painful, these cysts left me feeling frustrated and uncomfortable in my own skin. I consulted with dermatologists and tried numerous topical medications and antibiotics in an attempt to treat the cystic acne. While a few of these treatments were able to provide me with some relief by reducing inflammation, nothing was successful in preventing, fully getting rid of, or healing the cysts. Often times I had to resort to injecting the cysts with medication, an unpleasant option that was the only way to finally get rid of the cysts temporally.

About two months ago I purchased a Vagheggi Equilibrium face scrub and toner at the recommendation of Kim Tran, owner of Excellent Esthetics in Hamilton, ON, Canada. Since using both Vagheggi products I have noticed considerable improvements in the tone and texture of my skin, and have had no cystic acne flare-ups to date. As someone who also struggles with severe eczema, it is difficult to find topical products that are strong enough to kill the harmful acne causing bacteria but gentle enough to be used on my sensitive skin. I found most medicinal treatments left my skin dry and itchy, however, the Vagheggi products have proven to be highly effective while also remaining gentle enough for regular use.

Many people have begun to notice and comment on how clear and healthy my skin looks, giving me a renewed sense of self-confidence. I am very happy with the results Vagheggi products have given me and plan to continue with this natural skin care regimen moving forward.

I would highly recommend Vagheggi skin care products to anyone struggling with acne.

Best Regards,


R.Ph. | Pharmacy Manager


Name withheld to protect privacy

Posted on Saturday, September 05 2015, under News and Views

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