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Acne TreatmentsIn today’s society we generally focus on self image. For many, acne plays a vital role in how we perceive ourselves. We all want to avoid or get rid of pimples. Despite popular belief, acne not only affects teens but also young children and adults.


occurs when an individual’s hair follicles become congested and clogged by dirt, oil or dead skin cells. These clogged follicles may be caused by simple things such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Stress and hormones
  • Irritation by picking and/or squeezing at the source

Although it is simple to pinpoint what may cause acne, it is difficult to avoid or eliminate these triggers. In attempting to minimize the visibility of acne, it is recommended that individuals avoid wearing makeup in general. If that is not possible, then oil-free makeup and face cream is strongly advised. The oil-free makeup will not contain ingredients that clog pores. In terms of stress and hormones, it is true that stress can be a cause for acne. When people stress, it causes their hormones to fluctuate and may cause the skin to produce more oil than usual. Lastly, irritation of the skin by picking and/or squeezing is something we are all guilty of. Oily hands irritate the area of the acne outbreak which leads to bacteria infiltrating the skin and producing even more acne and eventually acne scars.

Acne and acne scar treatment should be looked after and taken care of at home first and foremost before expert opinion such as from a facial expert or medical expert is obtained. Excellent Esthetics recommends for acne treatment the use of all natural cleansers such as Vagheggi. Vagheggi is made of all natural products and therefore does not contain any ingredients that will irritate the skin or clog pores. Being all natural, Vagheggi is safe to use once or twice a day and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and dirt free. Excellent Esthetics does not recommend washing too often or too vigorously with any cleanser as it may irritate the skin and could lead to aggravating the acne and making it worse.

If it is evident that the acne is worsening, it is advised that individuals consult a Spa and speak to a person experienced in getting rid of acne. Kim, who has 15 years of experience in this field, will set up a consultation with an individual before suggesting any creams, masks, toners, specific facials and so on. Consultations are a no obligation meeting where an individual will learn more about their own skin as well as some steps to maintain a healthy looking acne-minimized face.

As a last resort, we recommend consulting with a medical professional. If acne is not visibly decreased, a medical professional will be able to prescribe medication to target the acne. The only hesitation Excellent Esthetics may have in regards to medication is that there are sometimes different reactions and side effects that may or may not negatively affect individuals. Therefore, we recommend going the natural path first before extreme measures, such as medication, are taken.

Below are a few testimonials we’ve received from clients who are more than happy, not only with the Vagheggi products, but with the services that Excellent Esthetics provides. Don’t just take their word for it, come in and see for yourself!

Vagheggi product reviews:

September 2015

Review of a cystic acne sufferer can be found in our blog here:

From A. Hamilton, Ont,

” The products are really working and there’s has been a huge improvement..never did I think I would say that because nothing has worked on my face”

From J. Hamilton, Ont,

” it helped a lot, I am still using the products and it is improving.”


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