Botox or Filler?

Do I Need Botox or a Cosmetic Filler?

Botox treatments:

( Dysport®, Botox®, Xeomin® )

Many clients ask what the difference is between a botox treatment  and cosmetic fillers. The simple answer is that botox treatments are used to temporarily relax muscles and cosmetic fillers are used to create volume. Most often, botox is administered in the upper part of the face and fillers the lower portion.

Botox® is the widely known trade name for Botolinum toxin. Besides its usage for a number of medical problems, it has gained wide acceptance for cosmetic applications, particularly for facial wrinkles. Over time, when people continually contract their facial muscles, “static” wrinkles are formed. A Botox treatment weaken these muscles, which usually improves the overall facial appearance.

Some of the most common areas people love to have injected are:

  • The 11’s or vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Horizontal forehead lines

Treating the “11s”

Cosmetic Filler:

(Teosyal®, Juvederm®)

Cosmetic Fillers are the second alternative for facial enhancement. As we age, our youthful heart-shaped face slowly evolves from a reverse triangle to a triangular shape. This is because we begin to lose fat in certain areas, such as our cheeks and eyelids. Fillers can help restore facial volume loss to these areas, recreating a youthful, heart-shaped appearance.

With certain injection techniques, cosmetic fillers can create a “lift”. They can also be used to fill wrinkles creating a nice, smooth appearance. Lips can be enhanced and tear troughs filled. A square masculine chin can be reshaped into a more feminine appearance and the nose can be non-surgically reshaped.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are the most commonly used for skin contouring. HA actually hydrates the skin, which tends to make it appear smoother and more radiant. HA is naturally occurring in certain tissues of the body. Over time, it is metabolized and broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

cosmetic filler before and after

Cosmetic filler results.

At Excellent Esthetics  in Hamilton, Cheryl Boch, our Cosmetic Nurse Injector offers free consultations. She will be happy to answer any of your questions or discuss your concerns and help you to determine what type of treatment will be most beneficial.

How long will a botox treatment take?

Here is a video start to finish of the actual procedure to treat the “Angy 11s”.

For more information check out our page on wrinkles or our Anti-ageinrg Skin Care treatments

Posted on Tuesday, May 26 2015, under News and Views

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