The Importance of Regular Facials


The Importance of Regular Facials

Your face is a reflection of you and how you present yourself to the world. The expression of “putting your best face forward” certainly has merit.

A facial as performed by Kimmie and the staff at Excellent Esthetics addresses a number of things. First, it is a luxurious way to pamper and spoil yourself in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Secondly, in conjunction with a skin analysis, it will help treat any immediate conditions that may present themselves. Thirdly, it will leave your skin radiant and glowing as you once again present yourself to the world.

As with many things in life, ongoing treatment and maintenance is recommended in order to keep your face and your complexion looking their very best. Time and the ravages of life in general will eventually conspire to undo all the positives of a facial much like the wearing of paint on an exterior wall. Additionally, some skin conditions will require continuous attention to keep them under control. How often a follow-up facial is recommended will depend on a number of factors. We would be happy to work with you to determine a schedule for optimum benefit.

Of course, you could do a lot of things yourself to help enhance your skin and treat your face. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend you continue on your own between visits with a self treatment regimen. We are most happy to discuss this with you. Regardless, there are some things that are better left to the professionals. The following link outlines what these are and why you should consider regular visits to Excellent Esthetics for that professional spa treatment.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Regular Facials
By all means drop in to Excellent Esthetics to discuss your particular situation and treat yourself to a custom-tailored facial.

Posted on Thursday, April 09 2015, under News and Views

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