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This is a full Brazilian waxing.  If it takes longer than 15 minutes your waxing will be free!

This past week I had 3 girls attending classes at McMaster University come in for a Brazilian waxing session. They could not believe their waxing was done in under 10 minutes.  In fact, one actually had to check, to her astonishment, all the hair was gone.  We have decided to make this a feature of our Brazilian Waxing service for women at Excellent Esthetics Spa.

Brazilian waxing involves the complete removal of hair from the pelvic area. It includes the pubic region and the buttocks. This is as opposed to other waxing techniques that leave differing amounts of hair in place. The name Brazilian was first used by a salon in Manhattan founded by seven sisters from Brazil.

Kimmie is proficient! In fact, most only take 10 minutes! Her Brazilians that are quick, efficient and accomplished with a minimum of pain. There will be some discomfort with the procedure but it can be minimized with proper preparation and follow-up care. Additional ongoing treatments will involve less discomfort as hair will grow back slower and be finer. As a result, frequency of treatment will be reduced as time passes.

You don’t believe us? Book an appointment for our famous 10-minute Brazilian waxing. Drop by our main location on 844 Upper Wentworth St. in Hamilton, Ontario, or book a time directly with Kimmie after hours at our secondary location at 307 Whitney Avenue in advance by calling 905-218-6677.

Please note: your comfort is important to us.  Should you require breaks while the waxing is taking place, which for the most part is rare, the procedure is paused at your request and may take longer.  This is an exception under which the special will not apply.

Posted on Monday, February 16 2015, under Promotions

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