Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap


Remember your mom saying you should not play in the mud? She had a point to make but it had more to do with her laundry challenges than your health.

Picture instead an exotic land nestled on the shores of the Dead Sea. Since time immemorial, people have been journeying to this very area for very special treatments including, you guessed it, mud. The Dead Sea, with its high salt and mineral concentrations, has been visited for centuries for its health, therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Famous visitors include King David, Jesus, Queen Cleopatra and the Romans including Mark Antony.

Today, a mud body wrap using actual Dead Sea mud is expertly applied by Kimmie and the staff at Excellent Esthetics. It can help give you healthy looking skin along with natural healing benefits like detoxification. Mud can help stimulate blood flow and in turn remove toxins that you have taken in by something as simple as eating and breathing. There are a number of toxins in the food we eat and the air we breathe. Avoiding them is not always the easiest thing to do. Eliminating them through a body mud wrap will definitely help the cause. In opening up the pores of the body, the mud wrap will absorb any fluids and toxins released leaving your skin feeling cleaner, softer and tighter.

Mud that comes from salt water like the Dead Sea contains not only salt but a very high concentration of vital minerals. These in turn are great for treating things like acne, eczema (very dry skin) and general body aches including rheumatism and arthritis. We have chosen Dead Sea mud as it is the very best in terms of salt and mineral composition.

Essentially, Kimmie and the staff will lie you down on a sheet and apply the mud to your body. The mud is massaged in for optimum benefit. You are then snugly wrapped in the sheet to keep you and the mud warm and to allow the mud time to do its job. All this aids in the process of detoxification and rejuvenation.

By the way, you will take a shower when it is all done. Mom would approve. If showers are not your thing, we provide an optional steamed towelling.

Intrigued? Connect with Kimmie for the ultimate “exotic” treatment reminiscent of faraway lands with a Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap.

Posted on Monday, November 10 2014, under Coming SoonPromotions

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